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ausserdem hab ich theoretisch so viel erlebt, aber praktisch gibts noch so viel zu sehen.


  • wifipasswords:

    Let’s play a fun game called “we’re just friends but I’d fuck you if you asked”

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  • canadumb:

    tumblr at 3am is like walmart at 3am 

    u can do whatever you want and nobody gives a crap 

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  • This fucking post has almost 82k notes what?? (via missinyouiskillingme)

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  • "Your name hurts."
  • ven0moth:




    Straight to the point.

    it’s caled a fucking date

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  • mermaidiuh:


    Dancing w my lil bloom

    This gives me hope

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  • jailbaitlol:

    this is so fucked up

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  • "Ich hoffe, diese Scheiße ist für immer"